Investing to improve

lives globally

About our Fund

We started our fund with the intent to make a positive change to the world’s health. No small ambition.

We have the team, talent, drive and experience to do it. Horizon 3 Biotech is uniquely placed to find, develop and deliver health science innovations that will make a positive difference to people’s lives on a global scale.

Join us, and together let’s change the future of health.

Our advantages


Our Purpose

We invest to improve lives globally.
That means we choose companies who solve a global challenge by uniquely applying leading edge technologies and ideas.


Unique Approach

We preserve capital by investing in later stage opportunities – companies with runs on the board. That means investments hit key inflection points faster. Our ‘Achilles Heel’ approach limits the downside and increases the upside to our deal flow.

Why does Horizon3 exist?

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Information Memorandum

A comprehensive statement of all material information that affects the value of the fund. We recommend reading this IM first.

Investor Presentation

This is a general overview of the fund, team and our credentials. We recommend reading the IM before downloading.