Entrepreneur and founder of HK Biotechnology, Board Director

Jian Sun is the Founder of Huikang Bio-Tech and Director of Huikang Group. He has a very persistent belief in the health industry and biotechnology, a forward-looking strategic vision, excellent operational capabilities, and rich management experience.

‚ÄčOver 20 years of operating and running Huikang Group, which continues to this day, Mr Sun has overseen 60 patents granted in China and abroad, more than 50 patents pending, and a number of awards for its research achievements with many of those commercialised in market, in China. At present, A$100,000,000 has been invested to create the Huikang Biotechnology Industrial Park equipped with international advanced scientific research and production equipment, covering R&D, manufacture and sale of new drugs, gene therapy, cosmetics and medical devices.

‚ÄčIn 2005 Mr Sun started doing business in Australia, with Melbourne now the international headquarters for Huikang Group. Mr. Sun and Huikang Group are dedicated and committed biotechnology industry participants with a long-term view to being a key contributor of the global biotech industry to advance mankind.